Did you know dozens of baseballs get tossed out every game?

271 Pink with Black Baseball Bat

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If you play baseball with your friends on weekends or you have kids who want to learn the sport, we have the perfect baseball bat for you. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, our Custom Northern Ash, Maple of Birch Baseball Bat is mindfully created to suit your needs.

Hand stained and hand-turned, our baseball bat is made of wood from ash, maple, or birch - all trees endemic in the Northern Hardwood Forest. Our wooden baseball bats are ideal for nearly anyone who plays the sport. Featuring high-quality material and topnotch craftsmanship, these custom wooden bats are extremely durable, flexible, and affordable. These are also surprisingly light, so young and rookie players will find it easy to swing and will still be forgiving on their arms.

Available in sizes 27 to 34 inches, you can choose whether you prefer ash, maple, or birchwood for your baseball bat.  If you have other requests, contact us at jbirdbaseball@gmail.com or @jbird_baseball1108 on Instagram.


  • Custom wooden baseball bats for all levels of player
  • Available in ash, maple or birch wood-type
  • Hand-stained and hand-turned
  • Customization design, barrel color, handle color and cupping
  • Available in 3 handle styles
  • Available in various drops
  • Available in 12 length options


Delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks from date of purchase.