Did you know dozens of baseballs get tossed out every game?

Baseball Friendly Shops

Hi All, the game of baseball has given me so much over the years from being a player in the shadows of the Little League World Series to the green grass at Art Fairchild Field (5% off for those who can dm on instagram @jbird_baseball1108 or text me at 570-762-7592) which college I was a captain and pitched at in college.  

As I have grown in the game of baseball, I wanted to be a team player and assist some of my friends in the industry.  Their products are spectacular and continue to grow. 

Take a look at them!


Out of the Park Rings

How can you not be romantic about baseball? Out Of The Park Rings answers that question with its genuine, handcrafted rings made out of game used, broken baseball bats. Taking a broken bat, which in the baseball world is a symbol of failure, and giving it a second chance at becoming something truly unique and one of a kind. For me, the best part of OOTPR is when a customer asks if they can send in a bat that has sentimental value to it.  Whether it’s a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, wife, etc, sending in a bat that was once used by a loved one or just picking out a bat from what’s in stock, our rings are the perfect gift for your special baseball fan.



3 Ten Wood Bats

3Ten Wood Bats is not a mass produced product. We are a small manufacturing company that found its way into the industry based on pure love for the game. We take pride in understanding each and everyone of our players needs and love to communicate with every individual regarding what they are looking for in a wood bat, and what kind of player they are. The passion and commitment 3Ten puts into their bats is second to none and we would love to help you out  with any of your wood bat needs.




The foundation for JAWbats was formed when owner Jacob Walters was just 16. He grew up with two passions in his life: wood turning and baseball. Those passions converged when Jacob turned out his first baseball bat during the summer of his sophomore year of high school. From that point on, his skill and zeal for creating beautiful, effective baseball bats grew. While playing college baseball, the endless road trips, sleepless nights and Jacob’s love of the game helped him focus on bettering his product. Jacob’s own drive for perfection in both playing and creating built the foundation upon which JAWbats was formed. In the middle of his collegiate career, in June of 2012, JAWbats, L.L.C. was born.